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Refilling Program

Refilling Program

Yep! We will deliver them together with the refilled bottles. Regular shipping rates apply.

Only Wonderhome bottles please or no go! Kindly clean them thoroughly before shipping ‘em back to us for refilling.

Regular shipping rates apply. BUT get FREE shipping for a minimum purchase of P1,200.00 (new orders and/or refill orders).

You betcha! We’re slashing 2%!

Of course! Your refill will be ready in 2-3 hours.

Wonderhome Eco Pouches are not for throwing away; recycle them for another day! Simply send them back to us, along with Wonderhome bottles you’d want to refill, all in one shipment/transaction (let’s be eco-efficient!) And together, let’s make sure we don’t fill up our landfills even more.