•Hospital-grade: kills 99.9% of germs

•Probiotics deep clean to prevent bacteria buildup up to 72 hours

•Lab-tested and certified

•Formulated with plant-based
ingredients that make it 100% safe for humans

•Biodegradable formulation makes it safe for the environment

•Scents from real fruits and plants

•Bottles made from 100% recycled and biodegradable materials

•Refill empty Wonderhome bottles by sending them back to us for store credit

•Recycle your used plastics with us

BFI is leading the charge

Sustainable and waste-conscious employees.
Company commitment to circular production,
waste and carbon emission management, and upcycling

We hope to make ripples within our community,
but we know this is not enough to change the world.
We need your and other companies’ help to make great waves of change.

Sustainability is most effective when done together.

Along with our own practice, we partner with PLAF, a local company that aims to tackle marine plastic pollution.

With our combined efforts, we upcycle plastic waste before it even reaches the ocean.

We both accept plastic waste from your home to give them new life as sturdy containers for your home care needs.