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What to love about it

  • Gentle Stain and Odor Remover
    • It has Probiotics that protect clothes from odor-causing bacteria build-up even when drying clothes indoors. Making it effective in preventing malodor in clothes.

      It is lab tested to be effective in removing dirt and stains in clothes while still being gentle in clothes and hands.

      Our formula is free from top contact allergens, fragrance-free, dye-free and phthalate and paraben free making it perfect and safe to use in washing your babies’ clothes.
  • pH Balanced
    • Formulated to keep the pH balance of your hands while using it.

How to use it

  • Machine Wash

Use 1 cap for small to medium loads and 2 caps for heavy loads.

  • Hand Wash

Use an adequate amount to basin water depending on desired strength.

  • Note: 1 Cap is Approx. 50ML
  • Best use with Wonderhome Naturals Fabric Conditioner.

What's inside

  • Deionized Water, Coconut Conditioners, Mineral Salts, Stabilizers, Probiotics




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