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How can I track my order?
    • First, log in to your account
    • Tap on the cart button, and then tap on “My Account”
    • Once you are already on the “My Account page,” tap on “Order”
    • From the order list, you may choose which order you want to track
  2. For SAME-DAY DELIVERY, we will send you a link to track your order real-time
  3. For LOCAL PICKUP, you may track them using the app of your chosen courier
How much is your shipping fee?
  1. For REGULAR SHIPPING, shipping fee starts at P68.00. Total shipping fee will be computed upon check out.
  2. For SAME-DAY DELIVERY, shipping fee starts at P148.00 and then varies depending on the distance.
  3. For NEXT-DAY DELIVERY, this shipping option will only reflect once your order reached this order value bracket – P4, 001-P5, 000.00 and up. Shipping fee varies depending on computed fee on lalamove or transportify. Shipping fee will be added to your total bill and must be settled before 12nn for your order to be delivered. For unsettled next day delivery fee, orders will be delivered once fee has been settled. Please keep your lines open as our Order Processing Team will contact you.
  4. For local pickup, shipping fee is determined by your chosen courier.
I’m not available to receive my order. Can someone else receive it in my stead?
  1. Yes, no problem! Just have them provide proper authorization to avoid unforeseen problems. We require a valid ID and authorization letter, be it text message or handwritten.
  2. Should the abovementioned requirements not be available on the day of delivery, kindly contact us so we can confirm that the person receiving your order is authorized.
I found my order damaged in front of the delivery man. Can I choose not to receive it?

Sorry we don’t advise not receiving your damaged order as we may have trouble processing your return/refund. Please do contact us immediately and provide photos and/or videos of the damaged items.


Rest assured that Wonderhome has a trouble-free return policy, same day up to 7 days. Read more about our exchange, return, and refund policy below.

I saw that my order status is “Delivery Failed.” What do I do next?

Oh no, this means our courier attempted to deliver your parcel multiple times, but there was no one to receive it. Please contact us immediately so we can arrange another shipping schedule or process you a refund, if requested.