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Cashback/Store Credits


How is my cashback calculated?

Cashback is calculated from the price of the item after discount, where the amount of cashback earned depends on the current promotions. You get 1 point for every P50 spend. 1 point is the equivalent to P1.

Why can’t I see earned cashback points in my account?

Please wait 1-3 business days after your order has been completed to see your accumulated cashback points.

My earned cashback points disappeared from my account after I applied to exchange, return and refund, how can I get these points back?

All exchanged and returned items are not eligible for cashback. Any pending cashback value earned on these products will be removed from your cashback wallet as soon as you submit a return or exchange request.

Where can I use my earned cashback points?

Cashback can be used on any items sold on the Wonderhome website.