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Life in Plastic is So Not Fantastic!

Every year, the Philippines generates 2.7 million tons of plastic waste. 20% of it ends up in the ocean (World Bank Group, 2021), endangering marine life.

Due to its convenience and affordability, low and middle-income Filipino families are more inclined to purchase single-use plastic items like sachets. Furthermore, we also face an inefficient recycling system. Reports have estimated that we lose around US$890 million due to unrecycled plastics!

How Wonderhome Naturals Came to the Picture 

Since the pandemic, we constantly disinfect ourselves, including our homes. Nobody wants to catch the virus, and we became hell-bent on finding products with claims that efficiently wipe off any traces of bacteria.

But sometimes, cleaning can do more harm than good. Consumers are used to harsh chemical-based cleaners packed in plastic packaging that is terrible for the environment. 

However, efficient cleaning does not have to be toxic. To prevent the deterioration of our environment, Wonderhome Naturals offers Filipinos sustainable, green cleaning options for their homes. 

By cleaning with biodegradable plant-based ingredients stored in eco-friendly modular packaging, we can safely clean our homes with less waste and without harming our waterways and air.  

At Wonderhome Naturals, we do our best to upcycle plastic waste before it reaches the ocean. Our customers can return their empty Wonderhome bottles for refills instead of buying brand-new ones. 

To build a sustainable future, we must continue being environmentally conscious, starting at home. 

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